What is Grinding and Clenching?

Grinding and clenching…. sound like the newest dance craze? Unfortunately, these two oral habits are responsible for the highest amount of tooth loss throughout life. What’s more, these words are often commonly associated with the three most dreaded letters in dentistry, “TMJ”. Grinding is usually associated with sleep time. While our bodies shut down and Read More

Six Benefits of Dental Implants

Having a great smile is one of the best attributes anyone can possess. Flashing those pearly whites is seen as an indication of a warm personality and can instantly attract others. A beautiful smile builds confidence and is a key factor in retaining good health in other areas of the body. As we age, tooth Read More

Signs That a Child is Suffering From Sleep Apnea

  Does your child have any of the following symptoms? Hyperactivity or inattention (many children who are diagnosed with ADHD are actually not hyperactive but rather are showing the clinical symptoms of OSA). Crowded teeth Insomnia or difficulty sleeping (tossing and turning or night sweats) Loud breathing during sleep Waking up at night short of Read More