No Pain, All Gain: Painless Laser Fillings at Westover Family Dentistry

At Westover Family Dentistry we can treat you with a painless laser that will replace the traditional drill for all kinds of dental treatments, from simple fillings to complex procedures.

Quick and painless. That’s how we here at Westover Family Dentistry describe our advanced laser technology for dental procedures – it eliminates the need for anesthesia and saves you time and discomfort. We know that one of the biggest barriers patients face when needing treatment is the pain of needles and the fear of a traditional drill. That’s why we invested in painless lasers for our practice to deliver the best dental health care possible for our patients with the least discomfort.

What is it? Technically called a Solea® Dental Laser, it’s the first CO2 dental laser system cleared by the FDA. This cutting-edge device will change your entire experience of going to the dentist.

No shot and no needle. Can you imagine being able to go to the dentist for a procedure and not having to get anesthesia? With our painless laser, this is now a reality. Most of our patients do not need numbing with this new device and many report they feel only a mild cold sensation during treatment.

No drill, no noise. Yes, we realize that the drill can be scary, especially for younger patients. The computer-controlled laser technology smoothly, quickly, and safely vaporizes the hard and soft tissues in your mouth (your teeth and gums) rather than drilling them away. And, in most cases, the laser allows us to remove silver fillings, minimizing the loss of tooth structure.

Safe for everyone! It’s great for kids. It’s faster and most procedures are done without a shot, a drill, or pain. And it’s actually a better option if you’re pregnant since there is no need to inject a patient with anesthetics for the majority of procedures.

What’s the price? Treatment with our painless laser costs the same as traditional dental procedures done with a drill. Insurance typically covers the cost of laser treatment just like any other. (Please discuss coverage with us at your appointment.)

Fewer visits! Not only does it allow us to give you the same great care we always have, but we can also accomplish more in one visit. Because there is no need for a shot, multiple procedures can be done in one appointment, meaning less time at our office. A child can go right back to school or eat right after their appointment because they don’t leave feeling numb.

To schedule your painless laser filling at Westover Family Dentistry with the Solea laser, click here!

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