Dental Cleaning

A dental cleaning involves an appointment with one of our registered dental hygienists, and in most cases, a visit from the dentist following the hygienist’s treatment. Our hygienists are highly trained individuals who are committed to your dental health.
They will perform:

  • A dental examination
  • Evaluate the health of your gums
  • Perform an oral cancer screening
  • Take any necessary x-rays
  • Remove any tartar and plaque
  • Apply fluoride varnish to those patients more susceptible to decay
  • Discuss any techniques or procedures that may help you avoid more invasive dental procedures in the future.

We believe that a dental cleaning is an important part of long-term oral health, as it is not just a cleaning, it is a preventative measure to avoid future dental emergencies and discomfort. A preventative dental visit (cleaning) lasts approximately an hour.