Pinhole Gum Treatment

Westover Family Dentistry specializes in the newest gum restoration procedure. Chao Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation™ is one of the most helpful techniques in treating patients with receding gum lines.
Gingival recession is a common problem and can cause sensitivity and unsightly gum lines, giving the impression of being “long in the tooth.” As we age, slight gum recession is expected, but now severe recession can be reversed.
The Chao Pinhole™ surgery does not involve incisions or sutures, yet it has quick, easy results to correct gum levels that are instantly pleasing. This process is much less painful and more predictable than previous procedures using gum grafts or artificial gum. Performing Pinhole™ surgery and witnessing the patients’ satisfaction from the results is as rewarding as placing implants to restore a person’s normal bite and chewing efficiency. I have been more than pleased with the result we have achieved so far, as have my patients.
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